The Night Wind Treatment Centres (NWTC) are unique treatment facilities designed to meet the needs of referral agents, youth, their families, and communities. NWTC provides clear, congruent, and in-depth treatment created for youth and their families.

The Centres provide safe and nurturing home-like environments in rural settings. This natural environment promotes health and enhances well-being. The settings also support a health and gentle transition into the program for youth, as well as when they return to their community.

Guiding Principles of NWTC

NWTCs are guided by principles of holistic treatment.  The principles respect both cultural and evidence-based treatment which integrates the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the whole human being.  NWTC guiding principles are:

  • Emphasize the distinction of Indigenous beliefs and traditions;
  • Integrate evidence-based practices aligned with trauma-informed care;
  • Recognize Aboriginal healing practices and culture as important to developing self-identity and give clients the opportunity to be exposed to culture and traditional methods of treatment;
  • Effective treatment requires us to infuse cultural practices, treatment and trauma-informed care into everything we do;
  • Respect the individual healing preferences of all clients;
  • A systems approach to treatment is carried out with the understanding that a client’s support network is essential to meaningful and lasting change;
  • Teaching and modelling healthy coping strategies and building resiliency to support clients with significant issues including addiction-oriented attitudes and behaviors, and
  • The client will graduate from treatment possessing self-determinism, attitudes and skills that can be generalized to their home and community following treatment.