We are making the referral application process easier!

There have been some changes to our admission process to help ensure the best possible success for our youth. Please click on the form links to download a pdf version of the form.

  1. Review our Program Introduction to determine if there is a good fit. If there is a good fit, contact info@nightwind.ca to let us know you are interested in a placement.

  2. Complete the Placement Intake Screen and send it to info@nightwind.ca. We will get back to you if we believe the youth will be successful in the program with provisional acceptance. Please let us know if your request is an emergency and we will expedite your request.

  3. Complete the Admission Package and send it to info@nightwind.ca. We will get back to you with formal acceptance.

  4. Complete the Informed Consent for Treatment and send to the program lead of the program you are placing your youth with: Kihew House and Grandmother Turtle House (programmanager@nightwind.ca); Thunderbird Landing (teamleader@nightwind.ca)

  5. Download and print the Resident Handbook and share this with your youth. The youth may contact the program if they have any questions. Please bring the Resident Handbook to the intake meeting along with a Birth Certificate and Alberta Health Care Card.